Website Wizardry: Transform Your Small Business Online Webinar Series


Are you a small business owner struggling to stand out online? This 5-week training program brought to you by the OCIE SBDC is your key to online success. We’ll cover all the fundamentals of building a website that not only looks good but drives customers to your door.

Week 1: Introduction to Online Presence and Planning Your Website

  • Introduction to e-commerce and its benefits for small businesses
  • Understanding the role of a website in building your brand and reaching customers
  • Understanding your target audience and designing for their needs
  • Choosing a domain name and hosting

Week 2: Setting Up and Designing Your Website

  • Introduction to website and e-commerce platforms
  • Basics of website design and user experience (UX), including mobile-responsive design
  • Design basics: Color schemes, fonts, and layouts
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your site’s visibility

Week 3: Adding Products and Setting Up E-Commerce Functions

  • Setting up your product catalog and compelling product pages
  • Best practices for product photography and descriptions
  • Organizing your products into categories for easy navigation
  • Introduction to shopping cart functionality and payment gateways
  • Understanding shipping options and taxes

Week 4: Advanced E-Commerce Features and Marketing Your Website

  • Setting up customer reviews and ratings
  • Inventory management and dropshipping integration
  • Overview of digital marketing channels (social media, email marketing, etc.)
  • Introduction to content marketing and blogging for SEO
  • Pre-launch checklist: Testing website functionality, mobile responsiveness, and loading speed
  • Strategies for a successful launch: Special promotions, email campaigns, and social media announcements

Week 5: Analyzing Performance and Next Steps

  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) to watch
  • A/B testing basics for optimizing conversion rates
  • Scaling your online business
  • Keeping your website updated and engaging over time
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