The ABCs of Video Creation and Marketing for small business


The ABCs of Video Creation and Marketing for small business

This class is for the small or medium-size business owner who has no or a beginner/intermediate knowledge of video production. Even if you never held a camera in your hands before, you will have the information needed to make an effective video.

At the end of this class, you will be able to create a professional-looking video yourself with the equipment you already have or have the background to have a knowledgeable discussion with a video producer.

The attendees will learn why to use videos in the first place, what goes into an effective business video, what not to do when making a video, creating a video budget, camera features for VLogging, How to create a business video on zero budget, and some of the caveats, the importance of audio, and tips and tricks of creating a script.

Key Topics:

Introduction to video equipment

Types of business videos

How to create compelling video content

How to create a video budget

Equipment needed to edit your video

Getting your video ready for publication

How to market your video

You Will Learn:

The four #1 most important things when making a video

How to make a video not to look too homegrown or too Hollywood and the reasons why

The value of pre-visualization

The different qualities of light and why they matter

Why composition (and the rule of thirds) is important

The 5 second rule and how it applies to a business video

Going from good to great - The finishing touches that increase the production value of your video

The difference between a behavioral and cognitive video

Video editing software

And - some bonus material!

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