Small Business: Understanding credit & how to improve your credit score


Understanding Credit and How to Improve Your Credit Score

Good credit is important to both your personal and business needs. Lenders can look at how you have handled your past obligations even if you are a corporate officer signing for the business. Many business owners have had credit issues because of the pandemic. This one (1) hour presentation covers aspects of becoming an educated credit user.

Key Topics

  • How is your credit reported?
  • The effects poor credit has on you and your business
  • The five key activities that affect your credit
  • Improving or rebuilding your credit
  • What you can do if your credit report is wrong

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of credit scoring
  • Actions to take that will improve your credit score and history
  • How to avoid bad credit
  • How to check and correct your credit history

About Your Instructor: Jerry Uribe

Jerry Uribe is our California Business Development Officer. Before this role, Jerry was a Financial Services Representative here at Excite Credit Union; you’d often see him smiling and warmly serving members of our community. Jerry has a background in Business Psychology and is incredibly passionate about financial literacy. He can talk about personal finances all day and loves teaching others! Jerry is also a big fan of Bay Area sports and loves attending sports events. When he’s not at Excite, Jerry is spending time with his family. (Hopefully, watching sports!)

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