San Bernardino County State of the County | Regional Business Summit Delivers Strong Message of Opportunity and Growth
October 08, 2021Author: Economic Development Team
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San Bernardino County State of the County | Regional Business Summit Delivers

Strong Message of Opportunity and Growth

American Idol Winner and County Native Chayce Beckham Acoustic Performance Closes Show
San Bernardino County, CA (October 8, 2021) -- San Bernardino County welcomed hundreds of business,
government and community leaders to its State of the County | Regional Business Summit held at the
Toyota Arena on October 6. The event, hosted by Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman, featured
a breadth of information encompassing County data, interviews with business leaders as well as updates
on County programs and initiatives that made a difference in keeping residents safe and healthy and
helping businesses to thrive.
The Board of Supervisors each delivered a message on critical areas of success in County programs that
included education and workforce, economic development and foreign trade, public safety, healthy
communities, and increasing equity. Included in these programs was the recognition that San Bernardino
County became the first county in California to declare racism a public health crisis. “Our hope is that the
equity element group and the conversations that it is conducting will help us to grow a more fair, just and
more prosperous community for everyone in San Bernardino County,” said Supervisor Rutherford.
“While this past year has tested each and every one of us, it has not slowed down the pace of progress.
Billions of dollars are being invested in San Bernardino County in technology, transportation, healthcare,
and new entertainment venues,” said Chairman Hagman.
Chairman Hagman and the County’s new Chief Communications Officer Martha Guzman-Hurtado teamed
up to share more news on these developments including an update on the TopGolf entertainment
experience being built in Ontario -- the first in Southern California, as well as The Boring Company’s plans
for an underground transit loop that will shuttle thousands of passengers between Ontario International
Airport and the Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station.
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A subsequent video reported on investments in the County by Brightline West, Starlink and General
Atomics Aeronautical. These innovations were followed by an interview with Ken Ramirez, chairman, San
Manuel Mission Band of Indians, who shared more on the tribe’s economic and philanthropic investments
including creation of more than 7,000 local jobs. “San Manuel’s goal is to keep philanthropy dollars in local
communities, so that everyone has a chance at success,” said Ramirez.
Chairman Hagman also shared a video featuring the work of County-based MP Materials, the only
integrated rare earth mining and processing site in North America, and KIGT, the only and first AfricanAmerican manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. These firms exemplify the County’s
burgeoning electric transportation infrastructure that benefits the nation and world.
The final business video focused on small business success and young business leaders. “Many of these
businesses are founded by young people who are born here, grow up here, and are now ready to invest
here because they believe in what San Bernardino County has to offer. In many ways they are community
champions,” said Hagman.
The video highlighted the work of local investor and entrepreneur David Friedman of Realicore Real Estate
Group, Destiny Muse of Grounded along with the non-profit Youth Action Project (YAP) and its
empowering work through its Black and Brown Economic Empowerment Partnership (BEEP) that supports
young people who are working to redevelop their communities. “Reinvesting matters to this region. If we
can find a way to develop our local region that makes it attractive for residents to stay, to retain our local
talent, the County will thrive,” noted Tremaine Mitchell, co-founder and executive director, YAP.
The State of the County | Regional Business Summit closed with a live acoustic performance by hometown
star Chayce Beckham, this year’s American Idol winner and Apple Valley native who played his number
one hit “23.”




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